Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cornerstone Bakery & Cafe

Now I know there are other places to eat, especially breakfast, but to us.


We found the Cornerstone Bakery & Cafe several years ago and it's the only place we'll eat breakfast!

The food is beyond good, it's great. The portions will make you say "I'll need a take out" even before you start eating.

This time, we were in Ruidoso, New Mexico, for five days and ate breakfasts there everyday.

Their Huevos's the best I've ever eaten, bar none!

Of the four of us, none of us had anything that wasn't equally enjoyable.

                             Two of the 4 of us: Kenneth and Carolene Poole

Deserts. Oh my!

I'm one of those "eat desert first, cause you never know what tomorrow brings" and their PIES, are, as the old saying goes....."TO DIE FOR."

Not only is the food great, the staff is friendly, quick, and make you feel like you're part of the family.

                           L-R: Debbie Gomez, Nickie Doth, Steven Gomez

Steven J. Gomez is the owner and his personality fills the room like a sunrise that touches everyone who comes in.

                           Give Steven a call or send him an email. Tell him HI!

If you want to be a "food HERO", when you're in Ruidoso, make sure you go there. You'll thank me and everyone with you will thank you!

They have an excellent variety of coffee, home made bread, coffee cups, tumblers, and don't forget to look at the COOKIES!

The Cookie Monster would love them....believe me! I'm related to the Cookie Monster so I can speak for him.

No, really, I am.

We can't wait till our next trip to Ruidoso and the "CORNERSTONE BAKERY & CAFE!"

It's a 3 Motorcycle and a  5 Star place to eat.

John and Judy Madden
Kenneth and Carolene Poole

Monday, October 15, 2012

Other Places We've Eaten Along the Road

I'm way behind in listing "Places To Eat," due to health challenges. So today is kinda of a make up day for not doing it then.

                                     Houston, Texas:

                                                            Miller's Cafe

Miller's Cafe, 6560 Fannin Street, Scurlock Tower. Very good food (hamburgers and sandwiches), fair price, and great atmosphere. 1-713-791-1717

Cliff's Grill at 6605 S. Main Street, is a small, eatery, with good food and a pleasant atmosphere. We've eaten there several times, when in Houston, and it's always been very enjoyable.

                               Glenrio, New Mexico:

   Russell's Truck

and Travel Center 

                                                              Entrance to Museum

Russell's Endree Truck and Travel Center , 1583 Frontage Road 4132. Glenrio, NM 88434, (I-40 : the old Route 66) is priced right, large servings, and an extremely enjoyable atmosphere (looking at all the trucks above the counter and the museum). Again, we've eaten there several times and the reason we stop is because of the last time we stopped.

Good food, service is great, atmosphere, and it's a good place to catch your breath, so to speak, on a long drive in New Mexico and Texas. 1-575-578-8700

(Eating is an "Individual Sport." Participate with gusto and enjoyment.)

John Madden

The EGG and I

On a recent trip my lovely wife, Judy, and I came across an excellent place to eat. We were looking for a place to have our CD drive checked, in Leander, Texas after visiting with family.

Following Judy's GPS, in her phone, we found the place it told us to go to wasn't there. At least anymore.

We had driven by this unusual place called "Egg and I." It was near lunch time so we decided to check it out.


                                                         14005 N Hwy 183, Suite 500
                                                              Austin, Texas 78717

At first glance the menu seemed a tad pricey. But, hey, we were hungry, it started to rain, and we decided inside was a lot better than outside.

The food was "beyond good, it was GREAT!" The size was awesome.

Just look at that plate. a biscuit with gravy (with sausage in it), two sausage, three eggs, and potatoes. I couldn't eat it all. And that my friend, is very, very unusual. Oh, I also had two pieces of wheat toast and it was the best toast I've EVER had.

Judy had the same and the same problem I had, she couldn't eat it all.

I took a piece of toast and a sausage with me to eat later. It was as good if not better three hours later.

The staff was extremely friendly and service was 5 Star. Our waitress, Jana Creel, was the nicest lady we've had the pleasure to meet in many a meal.

Look at that SMILE....isn't she a beautiful Lady!

I also loved their sign. My mom and grandmother said that many times. As a result, I'd rather eat breakfast three times a day.

We found out their corporate office is in Denver, they're growing slowly, service and quality food are certainly their standard.

"The Egg and I" is a  FIVE STAR  place to eat.

You'll be very happy if you find them and try them.

Kristle Thacker is the General Manager and Abe Mujica is the Kitchen Manager at this "The EGG and I." Be sure to say"Hi" to them and to Jana Creel. Tell them, John Madden's Travel Blog said "HI."

We'll look for them as we travel!

John and Judy Madden

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Up and at em! Pow wow photos taken on May 15th

A photo taken by Judy, of my good friend (Kenneth - KP- Poole) and I at
the Comanche Little Ponies Pow Wow, in Lawton, OK, May 7, 2011 in Lawton, OK.

KP is wearing the black baseball cap and there is a young man between us.

We are Gourd Dancers ( )

My first outing since surgery last year.

The black shoulder strap is for a "wound vac" that helps heal from

It was a good weekend.



I'm still standing!

Hello from the depths of my Heart,

After a long bout of ill-health I'm back. It's been a long stretch of bad road - but I'm on the mend and ready to get back to blogging.

Life IS GOOD !


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Las Vegas, NV

My very good friend, Kenneth Poole ( KP ) and I combined a working trip to Las Vegas with a few rounds of golf.

The weather was wonderful, our golf was....well less just say we had a good time.

We also visited one of our favorite places to eat. Hooters.

We figured, this is Las Vegas, the town of beautiful women, showmanship, glamor, top rated shows and if any Hooters would be a showcase Las Vegas was it.

What a joke!

It was in the Hooters hotel/casino all the way back in the corner.

You know those white tops the ladies wear, how bright they are, how nice all the ladies look and how the ladies flow with confidence? Wrong!

This was not the case at the Las Vegas Hooters. The white tops were dingy, I mean it looked like they needed to be washed in bleach more than once. The ladies looked like they needed to get their hair washed and the "make over" class had been missed.

It was nothing like we've seen in all other Hooters.

The majority of the crowd, yes we know we were a part of it, looked like they had just got out of detention. Where were the yuppies, bikers, college students, and families? Had we walked into a "twilight zone" and not know it?

The food was okay but not like we're use to.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest....we give Las Vegas Hooters a 3,5.

Okay, enough about the lack of Hooters grandeur.

We played two "links" courses. That was a first for me and while I only have these two under my belt, they're not my favorite gold course. I like seeing a fairway, grass, green if in season, some idea of where the green is other than....over that way somewhere.

The first one was the Callaway Golf Center at 6730 Las Vegas Boulevard South.

Their web site shows this beautiful tree lined, grassy fairways and sand traps. We didn't see beautiful trees or grassy fairways. It's an interesting 9 hole links course. The club house is great with a golf shop, friendly restaurant and bar.

The carts are gasoline powered and the course is well laid out. It's well laid out, a championship par 3 course, nine hole with holes from 110 to 185 yards.

We rented clubs, for $20 I think, cart for $10, round of golf $19 and off we went.

I had a brain freeze that day and forgot to take my camera. How in the world does a professional photographer forget to take his camera with him?

The staff was great, very helpful and we'd go back in a heart beat.

Next we had two days at the Revere Golf Club, 2600 Hampton Road, Henderson, Nevada.

It's a 36 hole course that will challenge you, delight you, and bring out all your golf emotions. It's a blend of fairways, desert, lots of sand traps, rocks, rolling hills, rolling greens and staffed by some of the nicest people you'll meet.

Club rental was $65 and that covered both days. Don't remember the cost for a round or the cart, but they were much higher Calaway.

The view of Las Vegas and surrounding area was awesome and worth the trip itself.

KP doing his best.

This is another course we'd go back to just given the chance.

Golf is a new experience for me. It's a long time passion for KP and together we kid, encourage, torment, and have fun.

John Madden

Thursday, December 10, 2009

McBride's Steak House

If I'm in Wichita Falls, Texas, have any time, this is my place to eat. The steaks are truly mouth watering, tender and a meal you'll remember.

The menu is small, service is great, price is right, parking can be a problem, it's a quiet, family and friends type of restaurant.

I take anyone who is with me there and they are always thankful. They always want to go back!

The photo above is a pencil drawing near the cashier....check it out. It shows how the early Native Americans referred to the area, the water and their enjoyment of it.

PS...they have mints at the cashier that don't cost anything and for some reason they always taste better than anywhere else I get them.

I rate it as high as I can!